Driver Import PE - New -

(LiveSystem pro / BartPE / Winbuilder)

Driver Import PE is a programme that was especially designed for the PE- Environment.
It installs all current device drivers ( network, hard discs, sound cards ) fully automatically.
Up to now the device drivers had to be integrated into the PE-system at the beginning.
This didn`t proceed mostly without problems and was very laborious and time consuming.
Driver Import PE works different. Device drivers do not have to be embedded at the beginning anymore,
but can be integrated "on the fly" or be installed afterwards. The PE-system keeps small, slender,
efficient and additionally gets an extreme flexibility.

Driver Import PE has 3 different operating modes:.
1) HDD over Host-System
2) Folder/File (.inf) compressed files (.7z, .zip, rar)
3) commandline Parameter

more Details found here: Information
Producthistory here: History

Special features of Driver Import PE

- easy and comfortable handling
- suitable for: PE1 - PE5 (32/64) (BartPE - Win10PE,...)
- New - Now for Win10PE
- powerful device installer
- different modes of installing
- automatic driver search
- supports compressed file formats
- complete LSP-script / BartPE-plugin / Winbuilder -Script
- bilingual (english / german)
- install from Host-Driverstore

Driverpacks for Win XP here: Driverpacks

Productname: Driver Import PE
Size: 600 KB


Host-Import Inf-Import



last updates

20 January 2017

LiveSystem pro V1.1.0.0 ist out

+ Update all Projects

(WinXPE - Win10PE)

+ Script Editor added

6 August 2015

Driver Import PE V2.0.0.7 is available

+ supported from WinXP to Win8.1

+ for 32 Bit and 64 Bit

+ inclusive ready LSP-Script