Driver Import PE V2.0.0.7 - Plugin for LiveSystem pro / BartPE / Winbuilder

Plugin (c) Kare @ 2015

Driver Import PE is a program which runs only in a PE environment (works with PE1 - PE5 (BartPE - Win8.1PE,...).
It's intention is to install drivers to the PE so as to get functioning devices be they networking, mass storage, sound, graphics, etc.

Note: writable %SystemDrive% is necessary (Ex: FBWF, boot with ufd, boot with img etc. )

Some features of Driver Import PE (dipe)

- Install driver(s) from:
1) hostos on hd (
"System (OS) on HDD" Method)
2) from folder (.inf) (
"Folder inf" method), from packed files (.7z, .zip, rar).
3) command line Parameter

- Support sounddrivers, (includes hdaudio)
- Works with a new device installer, code by myself, now without hwpnp
- globetrotter subdriver (umts driver for lan)
- support to drivers that use "Program Files" folder (Any language %programfiles%)
- check subdriver on manual inf import (ex: hdaudio)
- Driver check (manual) os type, (When "System (OS) on HD" method selected, you see hostoses name(s) on disk(s))
- Coinstaller improved (sigmatel)
- DriverPacks - Foldercheck integrated (searches for ?:\DriverPacks\ folder to ease Folder-Inf option
- Warning for bus drivers with "driver need busdriver"
- Note for frequently asked Nvidia Lan drivers: with "System (OS) on HDD" method you can install at once with selecting Nvidia Lan driver from list. With "Folder inf" method you should first install bus driver than maindriver.
- Parameter support available via command line.
- <esc> key button support for command line process to abort the process.

(ps: Try with DPS packages, Dipe search on .7z packed file is quite fast and works with all manufacturer hwids for now, full support will be added in future)

FBWF start support:
if fbwf exists but not started, drvimpe.exe starts fbwf automatically with default %12.5 ram (130MB limited)
if you have fbwf and you want to start dipe with more percent, you can also use dipe with parameter to start:
drvimpe.exe -f:40 --> %40 (130MB limited, on a 2GB pc with drvimpe.exe -f:40 you will get 130MB on %systemdrive%)

Details about Parameters:
-i: supports single files, packed files and folder (.Inf .7z, .zip, .rar)
    supports Variables (%systemdrive%, %ufd%)

Parameter:  (supported but not mandatory).
drvimpe.exe  {-parameter1 -parameter2...}
             {-i:} (optional %ufd% to search only ufd, check examples)
             {-f:} (fbwf ratio, default %12.5)
             {-h:} (start hide, default not selected)
drvimpe.exe -i:"%systemdrive%\lan.inf"  check and install lan.inf from single file
drvimpe.exe -i:"%systemdrive%\lan.7z"   searches in lan.7z file  
drvimpe.exe -i:"c:\My folder\"          searches all *.inf, *.7z, *.rar, *.zip file(s) in "c:\My folder\" 
                                        for appropriate driver. Recursive (also search sub folders)
drvimpe.exe -i:"%ufd%\my lan\lan.7z"    Searches for only (USB Flash Disk) for "my lan" folder that contains "lan.7z" file.
                                        ++ If ufd not plugged search routine changes to %systemdrive%\my lan\lan.7z"
More Examples:
drvimpe.exe -i:"%ufd%\my lan\lan.7z" -h:
drvimpe.exe -i:"%ufd%\my lan\lan.7z" -f:25
drvimpe.exe -i:"%ufd%\my lan\lan.7z" -f:25 -h
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