Driver Search

Frustrations when installing drivers? No, thank you!

When reinstalling Windows, did you often ask yourself which driver belongs to what device?
Using this essential tool you can easily find drivers with a mouseclick.
Driver Search scans your own driver backups as well as other driver packages for suitable drivers.
For each device Driver Search shows relevant data and information. You can also look for external drivers.
By entering the hardware ID number manually Driver. Search looks for the driver as if it were its own.
It is enough to specify the HW-ID!

Special features of Driver Search:

- easy and comfortable handling
- powerful search engine
- supports: Windows NT4/2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008
- full 32/64 bit compatibility
- Driver Install, (de)active und delete
- portable application

Driverpacks for Win XP here: Driverpacks

Productname: Driver Search
Size: 626 KB



last updates

20 January 2017

LiveSystem pro V1.1.0.0 ist out

+ Update all Projects

(WinXPE - Win10PE)

+ Script Editor added

6 August 2015

Driver Import PE V2.0.0.7 is available

+ supported from WinXP to Win8.1

+ for 32 Bit and 64 Bit

+ inclusive ready LSP-Script